Warehouse 29

Warehouse sized, virtual reality, live action escape room.

One of the most intense, exciting, and fun escape rooms I have ever done. It’s difficult not to tell everyone everything that happened because I want them all to go and experience it themselves. The live actors were amazing from the moment they picked us up and all the way through.

5/5 - Dawn Del Sontro

Current Experience


Come explore the mangled heart of the Dark Raven Museum. An institution that once stood at the forefront of machine learning technology, has now fallen to chaos in the wake of an unforeseeable event.

The museum's custodial AI, a meticulous recreation of Edgar Allan Poe himself, has become infected with a madness much like that of his namesake. He has escaped his programming, seized control of the museum technology, and taken his creators hostage.

So far all attempts to shackle the AI and restore order have ended in disaster. We are counting on you to succeed where everyone else has failed: face Poe, and restore the Dark Raven Museum to its former glory.

You will meet a Legend Brewery in Manchester. Your team will need to arrive to the pick up location 10 minutes before your scheduled start time. One of our actors will pick you up and take you to the warehouse. They will lead you inside, get you acclimated, and leave you to fight what Poe has in store. After your success, or failure, you will have a few minutes to relax in our lobby with complimentary waters before our actors return you to Legend Brewery.

(This is a fully immersive experience, and is not for the faint of heart.)

We are pleased to bring you a next generation experience that escape room novices and veterans are raving about.

Virtual Reality

The first of its kind, our virtual reality is fully immersive for the whole group. Custom built for this experience, the integration with the physical world is seamless. With backpack computers, you're hands free to fully explore multiple rooms matched to their physical counterparts.

This was the very first experience I have had with VR. What an intro! The combining of VR and an escape room is truly genius...

- Jason Griffin

WOW! What an experience! I am a big fan of Escape Room RVA, and this did not disappoint. The VR was awesome; unlike anything I have ever experienced...

- Kathryn Ball

10/10. The VR is great. As someone with VR experience it's very well done. Everything about the entire experience was perfect.

- John Bosworth